Some students of the Scriptures including pastors believe that the matter of vision and mission in respect to leadership in the church are worldly concepts and therefore the church should not be copying the world in these areas of leadership.

It is clear however from Scriptures, that God is a God of vision and He generally leads His people whether individually or corporately through vision. 

When we look at the Biblical history of Abraham, what was the first recorded encounter of God with Abraham? It is one where the Lord shared with Abraham a vision for his life and his generations to come. Genesis 12:1-3.

Similarly, with Joseph and Moses, Genesis 37:1-11, Ex. 3: 7-10 respectively, God gave them a vision which had implications not just for them personally but also for His people.  Jesus came with a vision and mission to reach the Jews and the world through the cross Isa. 53, John 3:16. The disciples of Jesus also, were given the vision and mission to reach the whole world with the gospel. Acts 1:7

Similarly, the Lord gave Paul a vision to which he was not disobedient.   Acts 26:12-20

Church leaders should have a vision as to where God wants to take the set of people they have responsibility for leading and also the leaders themselves should have a personal vision as to where they are going.

The Lord told Moses to build the tabernacle according to the pattern you have seen in the mountains. Even when it comes to church there is a vision and mission. It should ne recognized as well that churches  have different visions and missions for example the Church in Jerusalem was built to reach mainly Jews however the church in Antioch had an emphasis in reaching the Gentile peoples.

Let us as leaders build according to the pattern received from the Lord.